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Professor Gillian M. Griffiths

FMedSci, FRS

I am a cell biologist and immunologist who has focused on understanding the fundamental cell biological mechanisms that drive cytotoxic T cell killing.  I find scientific research endlessly fascinating and have always been intrigued by the parallels between seemingly disparate biological systems such as the immune synapse and primary cilia.


Beyond the lab, I enjoy bird watching and cycling in remote parts of Scotland.


Jane Stinchcombe, PhD

I use electron microscopy to investigate the cell biology of the CTL at the ultrastructural level. In particular, I am interested in the ultrastructural changes that take place during target engagement and understanding why they are important during killing.

Yukako Asano, PhD

When the Cytolytic T Lymphocytes (CTLs) encounter and attack target cells, their front-rear cell polarity change as revealed by distribution change of cell organelles. I’m interested in this cell polarity regulation and the function of CTLs. My approach is mainly visualising the cell organelles and cytoskeletal proteins through live-cell imaging.


Claire Ma, MB PhD BChir

I am a Clinical Lecturer in Respirator Medicine  and respiratory registrar. I am interested in the mechanisms of T cell activation by stimuli of differing strengths. I use single-cell methods including mass cytometry (Cytof) and single-cell RNA sequencing. 

Adam Rochussen, MRes

I am a 4th year PhD student on the Wellcome Trust I,I&I programme. I am interested in the actin cytoskeleton within killer T cells. Specifically, I am looking at actin regulators that give rise to primary immunodeficiencies when mutated in humans. Additionally, I work with Anna to investigate how actin might play a role in mechanotransduction within T cells. Working with CRISPR/cas9-engineered murine CTLs and primary human CTLs, I use a wide range of functional, biochemical, flow cytometric and imaging-based techniques. Outside of the lab (or even inside the lab when Jane’s not looking!) I enjoy the occasional freshly brewed, lightly roasted speciality coffee. I also take my physical fitness far too seriously and am partial to a spot of golf. 

Martin Limback-Stokin, BA

I am a MB/PhD student, currently in the second year of my PhD. I am interested in identifying novel regulators controlling cytotoxic T lymphocyte killing. I will work on understanding the role of RNA transport for CTL killing. To do this I plan to use several techniques, including CRISPR gene editing and live cell imaging.


“Apart from sciencing”, I spend my time playing ice hockey.


Gurpreet Dhaliwal, MBio

I am an Infection and Immunity PhD student in my 3rd year. I am in interested in immunotherapy, specifically in understanding how CAR-T cells kill their targets. Outside the lab, I enjoy writing, cooking and the gym!

Madeleine Robertson, MChem

I am the Griffiths lab manager/research assistant. My role entails testing and optimisation of various novel reagents that could have useful applications in our research. I am also involved in method development and standardisation for several techniques we commonly use, as well as generally assisting with the beaurocratic side of running a lab.

Outside of work I enjoy hiking and crocheting.

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